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Slate & Tiled Roofs

 The roofing landscape in Britain is different from anywhere else in Europe with a rich and interesting heritage. Roof tiling is typified by the widespread use of concrete tiles, which are present on about 60% of all pitched roofs. Slates (both natural and artificial) represent over 20% of the total, and clay tiles around 10%.

There are many varieties of slates, such as Natural slates mined from many countries such as whales, Spain and Canada. Welsh slates being the high quality followed by the Spanish and Canadian.

As natural slates are the most expensive yet more of a luxury roofing product, there are alternative Man made slates that have been created to look like a natural slate, and is cost effective.

Tiles are made from either clay or concrete. They come in many different shape, sizes and Colors to give you a range of choices to create the perfect look for your home.

Samples can be provided upon request.

We offer a 10-year guarantee to all our slates and tiled roofs.

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Flat Roofs

There are a variety of flat roofing systems brought to the British roofing standards to give you a alternative option. These include; fiberglass, Torch on felt and Rubber roof. Each of these systems come in a variety of colours, textures, grades and overlays such as Grass.

We can offer up to a 25 year guarantee with some of these roofing systems.
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Lead is used for many different purposes i.e The basics (Flashings, dressings around chimneys, and box gutters). Lead is also used for a decorative feature and can be used for roof coverings, Dormers, Bay roofs & Vertical Cladding.

Lead has a very long life span and can last up to 100 years when installed correctly to specifications, which is something our team are professionally trained in doing.
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Repairs & Maintenance

When it comes to having a leaky roof, You don’t necessarily need to get a new roof, just a simple repair could do the trick. We have a wide range of either second hand or brand new tiles and slates. But that is not all, We cover all roof repair services including; Flat roofing, fascias and soffits. When we survey your roof, we will come up with the best possible option to suit your needs and requirements.

Chimney stacks are often damaged due to the weather. We can provide a service to repoint and renew the flaunching around your chimney. We also offer a 24 hour emergency call out.
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Gutter, facias and soffits

Your roofline is an important part and feature of your roof.

Gutters are in place to catch the rain water and discard it into a drainage system. We can offer a wide range of shapes, colours, and depths for your gutter.

Facias & soffits: The most popular material to use for facias & soffits is a PVC plastic as it is a long lasting material that needs no maintenance.

Facias & soffits come in two colours, black and white. Also, for a decorative feature you can get a wood effect f&s. Or, a treated wood facia & soffit is also an option.
Please contact us about any questions you may have, and for a free quotation on 020 8249 8497 or 07772 885 625

"Very pleased with our roof, Gary done a very good job. We were worried about the costs from other quotes we got, but Gary was able to beat them to an affordable price for us, Which I’m very grateful for!"
Wendy Hill, Sevenoaks

"Gary was a pleasure to deal with, he was very friendly and pleasant, We got referred to him by a family member. He carried out the work in a professional manner and was clean & tidy.  Could not be more happy with our new flat roof."
Sam & Rachel Timmins, West Wickham, Bromley

"I found out about GD Roofing by driving past a roof Gary was working on, After speaking with him, he was more then happy to drive by  mine and give me a quote. After agreeing with the price, he started work 2 days later, and the roof was repaired that day. Very polite and easy to talk to, No hassle, just 2 teabags down!"
Adrian Jackson, Bromley, Kent

"I was referred to Gary Duncan and found him to be a very polite and professional. I asked him to replace my flat roof on the kitchen extension and he did it in good time at a very affordable price compared to previous quotes I had recieved in the area. I would definately recommend Gary at GD Roofing again. Thank you!"
Mr Jacob, Bromley, Kent

Areas we cover

We cover London and Bromley, Kent. We also can take on projects further a field.